Citizenship Awards

The Kip Kephart Foundation has provided summer paid Citizenship in the arts through some of the finest academic institutions in the State of Virginia for several years. View some of the awards we have provided to the following institutions:

Sheriff Howard Citizenship Award

The Kip Kephart Foundation provides annual cash awards that recognizes one 5th grade student from each of New Kent's two elementary schools and an 8th grade student from New Kent's middle school.

These awards are given in acknowledgment of the overall positive character of the recipients, recognizing students who exemplify the character and spirit of an outstanding young citizen. They are lauded for their positive moral character and the impact they have on fellow students, their school, and community.

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New Kent County Anti-Bullying Awareness Award

Recognizing the growing problem of bullying in our schools and the serious consequences, the Kip Kephart Foundation began in 2009 an anti-bullying poster and visual media competition with significant cash awards to emphasize the seriousness of the campaign. With cash awards to elementary, middle and high school students in New Kent County, Virginia, the competition has received active and enthusiastic participation at each school level.

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