New Kent County Sheriff’s Office Anti-Bullying Awareness Award

Recognizing the growing problem of bullying in our schools and the serious consequences, the Kip Kephart Foundation began in 2009 an anti-bullying poster and visual media competition with significant cash awards to emphasize the seriousness of the campaign. With cash awards to elementary, middle and high school students in New Kent County, the competition has received active and enthusiastic participation at each school level.

In 2010, the Kip Kephart Foundation partnered with OLWEUS, the world's foremost bullying prevention program in expanding its efforts to increase awareness and prevention of bullying. Schools in Virginia that have implemented the OLWEUS bullying prevention program have seen a significant increase in test scores. The Foundation is proud to have been a forerunner in helping make the educational process a safer one for students, and is proud to continue it's collaboration with OLWEUS.

Visit OLWEUS and StopBullying.Org for additional resources.

Past Recipients:

2013 – 2014

  • New Kent High School – Elizabeth Heath, Briana Gibson, Ayron Taliferro
  • New Kent Middle School – Amber Glenn, Alex Peace
  • George W. Watkins Elementary – Lauren Vick, Hayley Larkin, Briana Shaw
  • New Kent Elementary School – Hailee Roberts, Fallon Green Walt, Dana Douglas


  • New Kent Elementary – Logan Greenwalt, Fallon Greenwalt, Clara DiLandro, Eva Quino, Sydney Gala
  • George W. Watkins Elementary – Maggie Winters, Chase Edwards, Kirsten Miller, Lauren Vick
  • New Kent Middle School – Destiny Martinez, Paige Evers, Danielle Gray, Anna Riccio,
  • Mackenzie Taylor, Blaine Williams, Olivia Hobson, Ashley Crittenden, Desiree Chavis, Amber Glenn, Bobbie Couch, Haley Holland, Makayla Fitzgerald, Shanaya Atkinson
  • New Kent High School – Robert Yorke, Tanner Smith, Bailey Angle, Nathaniel Boughner, Candace Carter


  • New Kent High School – Terry Mason, Jonathaon Gellings, Robert Yorke
  • George W. Watkins Elementary – Erin Zahn, Annabelle Riccio
  • New Kent Elementary School – Shaia McClung, Elena Aquino