The Richmond Ballet

Richmond Ballet was founded in 1957 as a performance outlet for students in local dance programs. In 1975, it evolved from being a small civic company into the School of Richmond Ballet. In 1984, Richmond Ballet became the first professional Ballet company in Virginia and was designated the State Ballet Of Virginia in 1990, by then Governor Wilder.

Thousands of Richmonders are entertained and inspired annually by more than 50 performances of six major productions. The company also performs on tour throughout Virginia and other U.S. cities.

The professional company employs 14 full-time company members and eight apprentices. These dancers come from around the world and have helped earn Richmond Ballet critical acclaim. The executive director of Dance/USA says Richmond Ballet is " a jewel among U.S. dance companies," and the Washington Post calls it "a company to which dance fans everywhere ought to pay attention."

the Malcolm Burn Award

The Kip Kephart Foundation is proud to sponsor The Malcolm Burn Award. This is a scholarship award presented each year by the School of Richmond Ballet to two “talented, well-mannered young men who display the required work ethic, temperament, and artistic potential to pursue a career in ballet.”

Previous recipients of this award include members of the Richmond Ballet professional company.

2017-2018 - Jonah Hodari, Hart Isaacoff, Eric McIntyre

2015-2016 - Talbot Rue, Maxwell Follmer, Eli McKown-Dawson

2014-2015 - Maxwell Follmer, Tony Oates

2013-2014 - Peter Farrow

2012-2013 - Evan Fisk

2011-2012 - Chandler Hulsey, Tony Oates, Nicholas Patterson, Xhosa Scott

2010-2011 - Ariel Rose, David Claypoole

2009-2010 - Benjamin Tucker, Ira White

2008-2009 - John Williams, Trevor Davis

2007-2008 - Marcelino Juarez, James Wolf

Student Testimonials

“The Malcolm Burn Award is very important to me because, for me, it symbolizes my transition into adulthood, not only as a professional dancer but also as a human being. Receiving the award onstage after a performance only made the occasion all the more memorable. It was an honor to be acknowledged for the work that I put in over my first season with the Richmond Ballet. It will only encourage me to push harder and continue on my path of discipline and artistry.”

~ Ariel Rose, 2011 Recipient of the Malcolm Burn Award

“Even though it has been a year since I was one of the chosen recipients of the Malcolm Burn Award, the gratitude that I had then still lingers with me today. It was a true honor that Mr. Burn felt that I, in his eyes, had worked just as hard as previous recipients. It was a truly overwhelming experience in my dancing career. I'm also thankful for the contribution that the Kip Kephart Foundation also awarded me. Without it, I wouldn’t have been able to go on important trips for tours and auditions. Although time has passed, my appreciation towards Mr. Burn and the Kip Kephart Foundation will always be enduring.”

~ Ira Lunetter White, 2010 Recipient of the Malcolm Burn Award