Virginia Commonwealth Attorneys Victim Assistance

Victim Assistance is a part of a county's Commonwealth Attorney's Office. It often contends with special needs that do not fit ordinary budgeting guidelines, especially in meeting the needs of children who have been assaulted or victimized in some form. These needs range from children who lack appropriate clothing to wear for a court appearance to testify against their aggressor, to safe transportation, meals and lodging should they live in an area apart from where they are testifying. Helping raise self-esteem and providing a safe and comfortable situation can help reduce the difficulties inherent in already uncomfortable circumstances for these victims.

The Kip Kephart Foundation is proud to assist local citizens that are often stuck in situations such as these with nowhere else to turn to.

Local Counties We Have Assisted:


  • Charles City County
  • New Kent County
  • West Point
  • York County
  • Caroline County
  • Gloucester County